Matt Dekonty
Student Writer

The Engle Center recently released an announcement in hopes of raising awareness about the flu and what students can do to prevent it from spreading.

News surrounding the spread of influenza in the United States has garnered plenty of media attention over the last few weeks. Despite an uptick in the number of “cases of flu-like activity,” the Engle Center says “we have not had any confirmed cases of the flu on campus.” By releasing this information, the Engle Center hopes to help prevent a potential flu outbreak on campus.

The announcement listed the most common symptoms of the flu, which contain chills, fevers, headaches, fatigue, and coughing. It also stated that these symptoms typically begin very suddenly, unlike a cold.

Because influenza is so contagious, students are encouraged to engage in common practices that can help prevent it from spreading. “If you have flu symptoms:  Stay home, cover your cough, wash your hands and rest. The best thing you can do to prevent getting the flu is to wash your hands frequently with soap and water, limit exposure to those who are sick, and avoid touching your face,” the Engle Center said.

If you believe you are developing symptoms, the best course of action is to visit the Engle Center within 48 hours. After this period of time, medication is not considered effective. Transmission can occur before or after the onset of the illness, making it important to pay attention to potential symptoms and avoid spreading the illness by following the suggested guidelines.

It is also encouraged that students who are diagnosed and running a fever of greater than 100 degrees avoid classes for a full 2 days. Employees of Messiah’s dining services should avoid work for at least one week.