Zoë Lehmann
Student Writer

The Boy Friend play opened on Thursday and ran this past weekend in Miller Theatre. The show immediately draws the audience into the Jazz Age with flapper dresses and a live band introducing each scene.

The Boy Friend consists of all sorts of theater clichés as well. “This play is a satirical spoof of the typical 1920s musical comedy,” said director Daniel Inouye.

Audience members are invited into the world of Polly Browne, a young heiress who, along with a group of girls, is studying in the French Riviera to be a “proper young lady.” While the other girls only talk of marrying rich, all Polly desires is to have a boyfriend, even though it is against her father’s wishes.

She soon falls in love with Tony the messenger boy, telling him that she is poor just like him. The story follows Polly’s relationship with Tony amidst a tangle of convincing French accents and flirty songs, eventually revealing that Polly isn’t the only one with a secret romance.

“It’s a very silly show. They did a good job at keeping it funny but having serious parts as well,” said sophomore, audience member Grace Beattie.

Senior Makayla Garrett, a featured dancer for the show, said that if she had to describe the show in one word it would be “energetic.” This is an accurate term not only for all the Charleston dances the actors performed, but also for their play that popped with color and impressed with strong vocals.

Tickets for The Boy Friend can be bought at the Messiah Ticket Office. The play is still showing in Miller Theater Feb. 15-17 at 8 p.m. and Feb. 18 at 3 p.m.