Maddie Conley
Online Editor

The Student Activities Board recently announced that Christian rap artist, Lecrae, would be headlining the spring concert on February 16 in Brubaker Auditorium. While choosing Lecrae may have been a no-brainer, booking an artist as big as him was not an easy process.

SAB Concerts Executive Seth Weber described all of the moving-parts that made up the process of choosing and booking Lecrae. “Based on the recent concerts (Colony House, Unspoken, and Crowder) we decided that either Rap/Hip-Hop or Pop was the genre we were going to look for to keep a good variety in the type of artists that come to Messiah,” said Weber.

Lecrae, being one of the top hip-hop artists in the Christian music industry, was a shoe-in. After SAB collaborated with the Black Student Union, Lecrae was chosen to compliment the events that would be taking place for Black History month.

After settling on a date and deciding a price, the real work began for Weber and the team. “Booking a bigger artist like Lecrae also means lots of paperwork is involved, including contracts and insurance. The process involves a lot of reviewing, negotiating, and signing,” said Weber.

Production costs also begin to pile up when dealing with a bigger artist. They require more sound and lighting equipment, security, and video equipment.

Despite the arduous process, Weber is excited for the energy and production that Lecrae will bring to Messiah. “Students should get excited about the big concert feel in such a small venue. Lecrae being a bigger artist usually plays at larger venues than Brubaker Auditorium. Because of how small the gym is, getting to be so close to the stage is going to create an intimate and genuine experience,” said Weber.

The board also decided to bring in Latina hip-hop artist Angie Rose as an opener for Lecrae. “She has a lot of talent and I truly believe she is going to become a bigger artist in the future. We’re really excited to have her perform at Messiah,” said Weber.

SAB is also incorporating something that hasn’t been done at a concert before. Junior Logan Long, known as “LeeLo” on stage, will be one of the openers for Lecrae. “It’s a big honor to be opening for such a well-known artist so early in my music career and I hope he has the chance to listen to at least a little bit of my performance,” said Long.

Weber and the concerts team are excited to bring a student to the stage. “By collaborating with BSU I got to know Logan a little better and hear the visions he had for the show. After listening to his music we knew two things, one, that his career was only just taking off, and two, the dude could rhyme,” said Weber.

Students across campus are excited for the concert. Junior Jamar Gittens Jr., has been listening to Lecrae’s music for years. “I fell in love by how I can relate to him and his struggle. His latest album moves me in many ways and I can’t wait to see him perform it live,” said Gittens.