Ally Hufford
Student Writer

Another week means another handful of events that you may have missed:

Thursday, February 15 – Sunday, February 18 – The Boy Friend

The Department of Theater and Dance put on their final performances of The Boy Friend this weekend. The musical is a spoof of 1920s romantic comedies. It’s centered around Polly Browne who, despite her father’s protesting, wants a boyfriend. The spoof is riddled with catchy songs and humorous clichés. The cast took their final bows on Sunday, but are no doubt ready to return to the stage for the department’s next show.

Saturday, February 17 – We Matter Showcase

On Saturday, the Black Student Union held its second annual We Matter Showcase in the Union. The night was filled with performances by students that highlighted African American culture – a group even performed a traditional African dance called Amarebe. The night ended with BSU members performing the routine to Bruno Mars’ “Finesse”.

Monday, February 19 – Saturday, February 24 – Humanities Symposium  

The School of Humanities put on the annual Humanities Symposium this week, kicking things off on Monday. They hosted daily events centered around the theme of “home”. Faculty, students and alumni alike led these lectures and performances. The week hit its climax Thursday night with keynote speaker Edwidge Danticat. She spoke eloquently about topics such as immigration and being able to find home again after someone has taken it from you.

Beyond Messiah

Syria is in the midst of one of its bloodiest periods since the start of the seven-year war. In less than a week, more than 350 people have been killed. The Washington Post says that resolutions have been proposed, but Russia has used its veto power within the U.N. to block these resolutions.