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First week back after Spring Break and it already feels like you have so much to do? Don’t worry, we’re seven weeks away from the end of the semester. In the meantime, check out some of these activities to get you through the coming weeks.

Read Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan.
It’s time to re-visit a childhood classic by re-reading the first book in this series. College might make you long for the simpler days, so why not go down memory lane with an old favorite?

Percy Jackson is a demigod, brought to Camp Half-Blood for his safety. When he gets there, he realizes there is something looming over him and his new friends, an adventure that will take him to new places.

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Listen to The Emotion by BØRNS.
The first single off BØRNS’ first album, The Emotion sets a good tone for the rest of the album. With its indie-pop vibes, the song still manages to stand out from other indie pop music with it’s perfectly timed musical transitions and steady beat.

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Watch Fresh Off The Boat.
If you’re looking for some clean, family-oriented comedy, this is the show for you. Eddie Huang’s family has just moved to Florida and he’s ready to take on a new school. The only problem is that Eddie’s family is Chinese and his parents don’t always understand what it takes to be cool. With two younger brothers who are more popular and better students, Eddie tries to make the best of his new life.

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Watch Lemonade Mouth.
An underrated Disney movie with a beautiful story about friendship and music, Lemonade Mouth finds its origin when five high school students are given detention and bond over a mutual love of music. Together, they decide to fight back against an unfair principle and show the school what power teenagers have.

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Watch a movie with friends.
Gather up the friends you haven’t seen in the past week, hunker down with snacks and cozy blankets and watch a movie. It’s a good time to catch up with some of your favorite people and share the stories of what you did over break.

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