Charmaine Lim
Student Writer

Spring Break means a whole week of relaxing, snuggling in bed with warm blankets and tasting home-cooked food. As you take the time off and try to not think about the rest of the semester, try a few of these activities.

Read Red Rising by Pierce Brown.

Darrow is a Red, the lowest of the classes that inhabit Mars. His life is simple and perfect until tragedy strikes. Then Darrow decides that it’s time to make the richest class, the Golds, pay for everything they’ve done to him and his people. To take them down, he has to become them – the best of them.

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Listen to Why by Sabrina Carpenter.

Chill drums and a piano background give this song a special, peppy beat that makes it stand out from most pop songs on the radio. Carpenter keeps her lyrics short and sweet as she asks why her relationship works so well when she and her partner are such different people. Whether or not you have a significant other, it’s a fun song to sing along to.

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Watch Riverdale.

If you’ve ever heard of Archie Comics, you’re in for a treat with Riverdale. A darker mystery interpretation of the comic series will have you glued to Netflix for the entire week. When a murder happens in Riverdale, the community scrambles to find out what happened. But as the investigation continues, family secrets are revealed and relationships are tested.

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Watch Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

If you haven’t kept up with the awards shows, this was nominated for seven Oscars and won two, Best Supporting Actor and Best Actress. Mildred Hayes (Frances McDormand) is grieving the rape and death of her daughter, Angela, seven months before the movie starts. With no arrests made, she gets frustrated and rents three billboards outside her town, asking the local police chief why there hasn’t been any progress.

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Build a blanket fort.

Take the break as an excuse to re-live the best parts of childhood by building a blanket fort. You probably have more blankets at home anyway. Get cozy with pillows and stock your fort with enough snacks to last the whole week.

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