Sharlene Oong
Student Writer

It’s that time of year again where students, parents and teachers come together to marvel at the last pieces of artwork of Messiah Senior Art majors. The ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ resounded from Aughinbaugh gallery this weekend as admirers viewed the creations. Here a few students are spotlighted with their masterpieces.

Alicia Settle
BFA Graphic Design
Artwork: Figment of Imagination.

“The goal of this piece was to create empathy for a person with color-blindness.”


Zachary Goodge
BA Three-Dimensional Studies
Artwork: Leaving, 2018

“Persistence and never giving up are qualities which really helped me out this year.”


Elizabeth Cole
BFA Graphic Design
Artwork: Desolate. Seeking. Found.

“This piece is about how girls find their identity in social media, rather than in Christ.”


Virgil Angeles
BFA Two-Dimensional Studies
Artwork: Voice

“Now more than ever, conversation and communication are key, that’s what I hope this piece brings.”


Katheryn Brock
BFA Two-Dimensional Studies
Artwork: Imago

“This piece was an investigation of different times where I was digging up items of the past that were very rewarding.”