Stephanie Bricker
Student Writer

We’ve talked to many students the last couple of weeks who say they love the tattoos they have… but they want more. But Megan Leiby, senior human development and family science major, says her seven tattoos represent everything she cares about, and that’s all she needs.

What are your tattoos and what do they mean?

I have seven total tattoos.

  1. “Faith” is in my mom’s handwriting on my neck. This is the word that I try to live by, so it is nice to have a little reminder.
  2. “I Am Yours & You Are Mine” is from Oceans by Hillsong United. I always liked this quote.
  3. There is a silhouette of a giraffe on my ankle. This is not only my favorite animal but is also a reminder for me to stay strong and keep my head up.
  4. I have two forget-me-not flowers on my left thigh. One symbolizes my grandpa that passed away in 2016, and the other is for my childhood dog that passed away in 2016 as well.
  5. “Let your light shine” is on my collarbone. This one is actually from a hymn that my home church always sang.
  6. There is a cross on my left wrist. I can always look at this to remind me that God is always there.
  7. “Blessed” on my right arm is by far my favorite tattoo I have. This one is there to remind me that I don’t need anything more than God, family and friends. I am blessed with where I am today, and where I will continue to go.

When and where did you get your tattoos?

I got all 7 in the past three years and I got them done at 717tattoo in Mechanicsburg.

What was the process of getting your first tattoo like? Did it hurt? Did you bring anyone along?

My first tattoo I thought a lot about, probably for a year. I talked my mom into writing it herself and having it put on my body forever. The tattoo did hurt because it is on my neck. My sister came with me when I got my first one and about four of the others.

Do you want to get any more?

I haven’t really thought about anymore that I would want. I have family incorporated into my tattoos as well as God, so that is pretty much all I wanted.

What’s something you want people to know about your tattoos?

I don’t regret any of them. Although some were spontaneous, I wouldn’t have changed the fact that they are on my body forever.