Ally Hufford
Student Writer

If you couldn’t tell by the change in weather, summer is almost here. It’s hard to believe that we only have two days of classes left in this semester. Between juggling finals and attempting to get a tan – or a burn if you’re like me – you may have missed some of the happenings this week.

Sunday, April 29 – Coffeehouse

SAB hosted Coffeehouse one last time this semester. With returning favorites like Chapel Probation and INNOVA, and a few newbies to the Union stage, it was an entertaining night for all. Students packed into the Union as they usually do, ready to listen to the talent that would grace the stage. Seniors have one last chance to perform at Coffeehouse on Sunday, May 13. As for everyone else, we’ll just have to wait until September.

Wednesday, May 2 – Saturday, May, 5 – De-Stress Fest

As students walked by Eisenhower Lawn on Wednesday afternoon, they were greeted by fluffy faces and maybe a few sloppy, wet kisses. Minds Matter hosted De-Stress Fest this week in lieu of finals. In addition to the fan-favorite dog therapy on took place on Wednesday, students had the opportunity to attend a paint night on Wednesday night, garden therapy on Thursday and karaoke in the Union on Saturday. A food cart also greeted students studying on Saturday in Boyer, Frey, Jordan, Kline and the library.

Wednesday, May 2 – Declaration Against Porn

The Men’s Advisor council set up a tent outside of Eisenhower on Wednesday afternoon to talk about the toxicity of porn, and the respect they have for women. There was a large banner that read “women are more” for students to write names of women who have impacted them. A table was set up for men to write apology notes to women and students could sign a formal declaration against porn.

Beyond Messiah

Two Native American brothers, Thomas Kanewakeron Gray and Lloyd Shanahwati Gray, went on a college visit to their dream school, Colorado State University, on Monday. While on a tour of the campus, a parent called 911 saying that the boys were “creepy”. Police came and questioned the boys for about five minutes, and they were eventually able to rejoin the tour group. The Gray brothers told their mother about the mishap, and she claims that her sons were singled out due to their race.