by Kelly Webber, Summer Director

Senior Public Relations Major Sarah Fertsch is spending her summer as Public Relations intern for Dauphin County Parks and Recreation. A PR role for a government organization fits perfectly with Sarah’s major as well as her minor in politics.

Sarah loves being a public relations major because she enjoys writing, social media, event planning, and public speaking. “It’s a fun major that allows me to be creative but also logistical and organizational at the same time.” She chose her politics minor because she is fascinated by history and important social issues.

On campus, Sarah is Vice President of Communication for SGA, Public Relations Assistant for Office of Alumni Relations, on the Homecoming Committee, and a participant in the Women of Influence Program.

Sarah’s internship includes event planning for festivals, writing press releases, and creating short videos highlighting events to send out to various media sources. She has the opportunity to learn a lot of new skills that “stretch me more than my classes” learning Adobe InDesign, editing, film, and technical journalism skills.

“I’m really thankful to have had so many experiences at Messiah that have prepared me for this.” As Vice President of Communication for SGA, Sarah does event planning for Civil Discourse Series, and even minor graphic design. “Now I’m able to take the skills I’ve learned at my internship back to Messiah.”

In addition to working for a Parks and Recreation department, Sarah is an avid fan of the TV show Parks and Recreation. After only having a brief conversation with Sarah, it’s not hard to make the connection between this Messiah student and her Netflix alter-ego Leslie Knope:

“I really like waffles and breakfast food, so that plays a role. I think Galentine’s Day is the best holiday ever. I’m really inspired by her enthusiasm. I’m inspired by my boss, who is the real Leslie Knope. She’s a professional mentor in my life. I see myself more as an April with the potential of being Leslie.”

To other aspiring Leslies on campus, Sarah advises: “Start with a passion. It’s important to know what you want to do and soul-search a little bit about where your passions lie to truly make a difference. There’s a lot of opportunities on campus; find your community and find your calling. Have a good understanding of what experiences have shaped you, and what your talents and passions are. Then you can go make a difference.”

In regard to her post-grad plans, Sarah stated that her “future is open. I’ve been on and off about law school in the future. I have a couple connections on Capitol Hill, and would love to be able to take to the political scene. Wherever God leads me!”