Maddie Conley
Online Editor

First-year students arrived yesterday lugging bags, boxes and suitcases through the rain. Residence halls burst at the seams with excited students, anxious parents and hundreds of mini fridges. Between bed making and poster hanging, first-year students shared their top bucket list items for the next four years.

On my bucket list is…

Playing on the baseball team – Paul Hansel

Aria Rajnic (second from left) and family

Being somewhere new – William Fitzsimmons

Taking digital media classes – Andre Frueh

Having faith incorporated into classes by professors – Aria Rajnic

Living on my own! – Rachel Yoder

Tubing down the river – Christian Santangini

Seeing the soccer team go to national championships! – Haley Blauch

Studying history – Mary Culler

Getting a degree. – Rebekah Tschopp

Making new friends – Ruby Pelley

A little bit of everything! – Michaela Miller

Doing drama and theater – LeAnn Boyer

Not falling on ice in winter – Jonathon Wilkerson

Josiah McCracken

Studying abroad in France – Briana James

Growing in my faith – Rebecca Hill

Meeting other people that are passionate about Christ – Josiah McCracken

Being on the east coast (I’m from Alaska)! – Eveny Miller

Having a good time… – Sam Operchuck

Doing something on stage in front of people –Clayton Miller

Studying Abroad in Chile – Allan Halla

Participating in EVERYTHING! – Elena Castillo

Going swimming in the breeches – Julianna Chen and Heather Mayo