Maddie Conley
Online Editor

It seems these past few days you don’t need to check your weather app to know it’s going to be rainy and overcast. While Messiah has seen a total of 5.25 inches of rain, compared to the rest of the region, there has not been much damage yet.

“The Breeches continues to be a dangerous area and everyone is asked to stay away from that part of campus,” Kathie Shafer, vice president of operations, said. Starry Complex parking lot will also be closed until further notice. Commuters in that lot are being temporarily reassigned to the visitor lot (VV).

Accuweather was consulted about the potential effects of Hurricane Florence in Mechanicsburg, but they showed minimal concern. “The area likely won’t see any impact for quite a while,” John Gresiak from Accuweather said. He explained that Hurricane Florence will mainly hit the Carolinas, causing possibly historic rainfall.

Gresiak anticipated continued rain showers through Friday for Mechanicsburg, adding that Monday and Tuesday are the most likely days for widespread heavy rain coming from a depression. “It depends on [Hurricane Florence’s] track,” Gresiak said.

Campus events and maintenance staff will continue to address water issues on campus, such as ground water, roof leaks and various other situations. They encourage you to contact Facility Services, ext. 6011 or Dispatch Services, ext. 6005 if you see a potential water issue.

You can also sign up for the College’s text alert system on MCSquare in the “Need to Know” channel. Communication related to traffic will be sent via text and mass email.