Abby Kropp
Student Writer

As we approach the middle of the semester, stress-levels are high, so a break is much needed. Check out some of these ways to relax this weekend.

Watch Parks and Recreation

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Get an inside look at the fictional Parks department of the small town of Pawnee Indiana. This show follows the journey of this department trying to improve the town under the leadership of the overly passionate Leslie Knope. The team consists of numerous unique characters each with their own insane quirks. This is a great binge show for anyone who needs a night of laughter.

Watch Coraline

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It’s October, and people are getting in the mood for Halloween. Coraline is a Tim Burton movie, and like all his movies, it has an eerie, unsettling side. In this movie young Coraline and her parents move to a new house, unaware of the horror that’s inside of it. Through a small door in the wall lies another world ruled by “the other mother” who makes Coraline forget all of her worries and showers her in gifts. But “the other mother” has something tricky up her sleeve and Coraline must try and escape from this other world.

Listen to Hard Times

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This upbeat song is almost ironic, which is the real beauty of it. Paramore sings about the trials of life, hitting rock bottom and desperation. However, there is a certain joy to the tune and the music video where if you didn’t listen to the lyrics you would miss it. This song embraces the fact that there are bad things in this world, and sometimes people get stuck in the pits. The lyrics tell listeners that bad things happen and it’s okay to feel upset about them.

Read Tiger’s Curse

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This fantasy romance novel follows an average teenager named Kelsie when she finds herself on an adventure to break a curse cast on Indian princes. The two brother princes were cursed many years ago and forced to take the form of tigers. Kelsie was the chosen to be one destined to break the curse so that they could be princes again. As they journey through exciting new lands, Kelsie finds herself caught in a love triangle with the two princes, and must navigate her way through her feelings while embarking on this heroic journey.

Take a Walk

The weather is getting chilly and it will keep getting colder. Get outside and breathe in the fresh air. We are blessed at Messiah with a beautiful walking trail which allows us to be surrounded by nature. Walking is a great way to either clear your mind or take some time think to about whatever issue has been on my mind. Taking a walk is great for whichever one of these is most needed for you.