Robert Bouffard
Student Writer

There is a good chance that you heard lots of people making a big deal over Avengers: Infinity War back in April. The day after the movie was released, I heard people talking about it just about everywhere I went on campus – in class, at the Union, walking across campus. But that is just how good and impactful of a movie this is.

Emotional Moments

Infinity War has what every good Marvel movie has at its core: a fun and humorous feel – for much of the time. But at other times, it can get very dark. There’s a hopeless feeling during some of the most pivotal scenes. The very first scene sets this new tone perfectly. Without giving anything away, the villain Thanos does something that shows the audience that he means business and he’s not to be messed with. That’s what gives this movie such a different feel from all of these other movies. We are legitimately scared of what the villain might do to our heroes.

Many Marvel movies let their humorous portions take over and overshadow real emotional moments. But Infinity War sets an excellent balance. Because of how serious of a threat Thanos is, there is exceptional emotional depth.

Balancing Characters

One of my worries going in to watching the movie was that there would be way too many characters and that it would feel bloated. But I never got that feeling. Most people watching this movie have spent enough time with each of these characters that all we want to do is see them interact. Each and every one of these interactions are well done. Nothing feels forced. We’re able to see characters interact that normally wouldn’t and it’s awesome.

Thanos happens to be the character that was most fleshed out. Since there are so many Avengers that we know so much about, he really is the main character. He’s the one that we spend the most time with overall and the one whose psyche we dive into most deeply. We learn his motivations and they’re actually believable. He has an understandable reason past, “I want to take over the world.” Because of this, I would put him behind only Killmonger as the best Marvel villain.

Technical Aspects

The action and the score are more memorable than a lot of Marvel movies. Alan Silvestri, who scored the first Avengers, was brought back to do this score. The music doesn’t just seem like generic action movie music. It’s exciting and memorable. As for the action, we get to see the Avengers using their powers more than we normally do. It’s not all punching and kicking when you’re dealing with and evil titan, his children and their army.


There’s so much to like about Avengers: Infinity War. It delivers its promises and it’s brutally heartbreaking at points. We are taken places we’ve never been before in this Marvel Universe, or in any superhero movie for that matter. Now we just have to wait until May to see how this whole story concludes.

You can see Avengers: Infinity War at Parmer Cinema on Friday October 5 at 6 and 9 p.m. and Saturday the 6th at 3, 6 and 9 p.m.

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