Celica Cook
Student Writer

Tattoos usually mean more than the eye can see. For Haley Faragalli, a junior education major, they are a reminder of the experiences in life that are as permanent in her memory as the ink is on her skin.

What is your tattoo?

I have one on my back that says “No Day But Today”. I got it done during Christmas break of my first year.

When did you get your first tattoo?

I wanted to get a tattoo for my 18th birthday, and it took my parents a lot of convincing, so they gave me the money as my birthday gift.

What does your tattoo mean?

This tattoo is meaningful to me because the quote is from the musical “Rent”, which was my last theater production I was in throughout the four years of me being in the drama club in high school. Theater meant a lot to me at the time so I wanted to commemorate my experiences with this tattoo.

What makes your tattoo unique to you?

This tattoo is unique to me because it also means to not look back on your past and don’t worry about the future, only worry about getting through today.