Lilly Kashishian
SBM Sports Editor

A tradition and fan-favorite, the annual Eyas whiteout games for both the women’s and men’s basketball teams took place on Wednesday.

Not just a normal game, students and fans were encouraged to wear white in support of the Falcons in their quest to defeat the Lycoming Warriors.

Nathan Vargas, a sophomore member of Eyas said that the white out games are “a way to show pride for your school and a way to support the Messiah Falcons.”

The whiteout games saw 800 people in attendance at the men’s game and 429 people in attendance at the women’s game. The attendance numbers for both games were double what they usually are.

The unique thing about the white out games is how they promote a different level of energy. The energy and support from the fans transfer to the players on the court, which can be seen in the women’s 75-58 win, and the men’s 57-52 win over the Warriors.

“Everyone gets hype, and it’s an exciting atmosphere since more people come to these types of games,” senior Samantha Feenstra said.

“I think white out games help show team unity and it’s a great way for students to support their fellow student-athletes,” junior member of Eyas, Amy Kimmel, said. “Everyone can come out and have a fun night.”

Eyas strategically plans and attempts to pick a day where both the men’s and women’s teams are playing at home which allows fans to support both teams.

“Night games tend to get the most attendance, but we’ve done Saturday games before,” Assistant Director of Alumni & Parent Relations Ashley Sider said. “We also work with Athletics because they know which teams would have the best games. We want it to be a night where there will be good comradery between both teams.”

Next up for Eyas, they will be hosting the event “Give Big” beginning on February 12. The event gives students an opportunity to engage with philanthropic ideas before they become alumni. Keep a lookout for more information on Eyas’ social media pages.