Charmaine Lim
SBM Culture Editor

You’ve made it to Spring Break! If you need some ideas for relaxation, look no further.

Read Silent Scream by Angela Marsons.
Detective Inspector Kim Stone is tasked with an old case when the headmistress is found strangled. The murder leads Stone to uncover an abandoned children’s home with a dark past and more secrets than anyone realized. As she digs deeper, Stone learns the killer has been active for decades, making it even more important to put an end to the spree.

Trigger warning: Child abuse and bullying.

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Listen to Sucker by the Jonas Brothers.
That’s right, the Jonas Brothers have gotten back together and released a new song. Even if you weren’t a fan back in the day, this single is a perfect blend of the careers that Nick and Joe have developed for themselves over the years. With effortless vocal switches between the brothers, catchy lyrics and a dance-y beat, you’ll find yourself playing this on repeat. For added cuteness, check out the music video that features the brothers and their significant others.

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Watch Jessica Jones on Netflix.
Sometimes heroes aren’t good people, only people who occasionally try to do the right thing. Jessica Jones is a private detective with super strength, hiding her powers from the world. Her hard demeanor and love of alcohol make her great at her job and running from her past. But when women turn up with signs of manipulation that she recognizes, Jones has to decide if being the hero is a role she wants to play.

Trigger warning: Domestic abuse, emotional abuse, gaslighting, alcohol abuse, rape and PTSD. Content warning: Strong language and sexual content.

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Watch Bohemian Rhapsody.
This Oscar-nominated film follows Freddie Mercury and Queen as the band goes from playing in bars to selling out stadiums and recording albums. Born with a voice for the masses, Mercury struggles to balance his desire for fame with his personal life. Based on the true events of Mercury’s life, this film will make you nostalgic for old music. The movie not only became the highest grossing musical biography, but also won four Oscars.

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Breathe. Snuggle with a blanket. Take a walk in the nice weather. Do whatever feels right for you to relax. Give yourself a well-deserved break for a few days and recharge.