Celica Cook
Student Writer

Nothing says spring like Vampire Weekend’s new single, “Sunflower.” Soft drum patterns, silky electric guitar and Ezra Koenig’s lively vocals create the perfect backdrop for a cool, spring day.

“Sunflower,” a lighthearted symphony of harmonizing vocals and cool, easy guitar parts played by Steve Lacy is one of three singles the band has released off their upcoming album, Father of the Bride. The lyrics speak about the world surrounding a single sunflower, and the beauty and chaos involved in that picture. One can even hear the soft background of singing birds fade into a background of wailing sirens.

While Vampire Weekend has never been a band to follow any sort of mainstream sound, this song feels different than many of their previous tracks. The music is funky, like a modern twist on 1970s  rock-and-roll music and scat. However, the simple lyrics and melody brand this song with the bands usual uncomplicated, cool and fresh style.

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