Celica Cook
Student Writer

This week we are checking out Australian psych-rock band Pond, and their latest release, Tasmania.

Pond has always been known for the way their music makes you feel like you’re effortlessly floating on a cloud, or at times, falling down a rabbit hole. But, whether it’s floating or falling, Pond has built up a solid fan base over the years that have embraced both aspects of Pond’s mind-bending sound.

This album has a different feel from their previous albums. It is less scattered, and more organized, though it still carries those classic, multi-colored Pond melodies, it seems to carry more pop elements that were not as prevalent in their previous albums.

The songs on this album all carry a similar message. They say, live while you’re young. Make the most of being in the world even though it’s a hard place sometimes. Don’t be afraid to take some chances. The songs seem to make a gradual decline from lighthearted themes to darker, more serious ones as the album goes on. It’s as if the music itself is a child growing up, and choosing how to react to the world after they remove their rose-colored lenses, and face the harsh realities of being human.

Tasmania is definitely an eye-opening listen. With a blend of Ponds colorful waves of sound and lyrics that are sure to make you think, Tasmania is a journey that is certainly worth taking.



Featured image retrieved from bandwagon.asia.