Anya Benninger
Student Writer

Tori Little
Year: Junior
Major: Studio Art, 2D concentration

Why did you choose your major?

I chose art as a major because I always knew that I wanted to do something creative with my life. I had considered going to school for music, particularly worship leading, but I do that anyway, so I feel like I didn’t need to go to school for that. I could’ve learned a lot, I’m sure, but I’m really enjoying art because it makes you think in new ways and see the world differently.

Were you into art as a kid too?
I was. I never thought of it as a career path or as a college major really; it was just something I always enjoyed and did for fun. But I never really thought of pursuing it further until senior year. I think back a lot to when my grandma and I would do coloring books, or my dad would teach me to draw stuff or doing home building projects at my house. It was always there but I never really noticed it.

What was your favorite thing you ever made as a kid?

When I was five I wrote a book called “the cats who would eat anything,” and then I illustrated it. So that was one of my favorite things when I was five. But in middle school, I was never able to take art classes. I was always so upset, but I was a band and chorus kid so that took up my whole schedule so I couldn’t do all the creative things I wanted. I joined art club for a while, which was awesome, and we did a mural. It wasn’t one big picture, but it was little individual pictures so we each did one. I’m still very proud of that.

What is a struggle you’ve had in the major?

I like to do a lot of things, but art is very time-consuming. It’s not just writing a paper once a week or anything. Sometimes I spend 12 hours outside of classes in one day and still have classes the next day. That’s what I just did yesterday, actually. I was in the art room from 2 p.m. until 2 a.m. That happens a lot. But you only do it if you love it. If you didn’t love it, you would’ve left by now.

What is the community like in the major?

I love the art community. Anyone will sit down and have a discussion with you. Maybe it will be about your art, or maybe talking about your art will lead to a deep discussion. Especially now in our upper-level classes, we’ve been really honest with each other in trying to learn more about ourselves and be able to put that in our art.

What kind of breakfast cereal best represents you?

I feel like I’d go with fruity pebbles because they’re fun and colorful.