Celica Cook
Student Writer

Tattoos can be many things to many people, but for junior Ally Hufford, they represent remembrance and the celebration of the people in her life that helped her become the person she is today. Hufford shares her thoughts on what her tattoo means to her, and why she thinks tattoos are a valuable art form.

What is your tattoo of?

I have a yellow rose with two purple butterflies.

When did you get your first tattoo?

I got my first tattoo this past summer with my mom, sister and aunt.

What inspired you to get your tattoo?

The yellow rose is in memory of my Mee-Maw because it was her favorite flower. The butterflies are in memory of my Aunt Carol and my cousin, Janice. All three of them were really important people in my life, and having this tattoo is like having a little piece of them with me always.

What is unique about your tattoo?

I’m not sure how unique this is, but I got the rose styled after the rose in Disney’s “Beauty & the Beast” because it was one of my favorite movies growing up.

What is your favorite thing about tattoos as an art form?

I think that tattoos are really cool as an art form because it’s something that becomes part of you. When someone looks at me and sees my tattoo, they may not understand what it means to me, but they see it as part of me.