By Charmaine Lim, SBM Culture Editor

Easter Break is right around the corner and it’s time to get ready to push through the last stretch of the semester.

Read Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella.
When Lottie’s boyfriend breaks up with her instead of proposing, she decides to reconnect with her old flame. In less than a day, they’re engaged, married and away on their honeymoon. Horrified by her younger sister’s actions, Fliss is determined to stop the relationship from moving any further. By hijacking her sister’s honeymoon from behind the scenes, Fliss comes to learn the different forms that love comes in.

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Listen to Red Ribbon by Madilyn Bailey.
After losing her grandmother to cancer in 2018, Madilyn Bailey took some time away from social media and her music career to heal. In April 2019, she released Red Ribbon as a tribute to people who have survived trauma and loss. Featured in her music video are several women who have struggled with the loss of a loved one, personal trauma and body image issues. Not only are the lyrics of this song comforting, they also aim to empower listeners.

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Watch Black Lightning.
Nine years after retiring as a superhero, Jefferson Pierce finds himself caught between his job as a high school principle and his desire to protect his town from the gangs that are corrupting his students. When his daughter is put in danger, Pierce takes on his old hero identity to save her. The short return to hero work has Pierce questioning his decision to leave the job while trying to be a good father to his children.

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Watch Sing.
Musical animals and a touching story of underdogs rising to the top, Sing features voice acting from several big Hollywood stars, including Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon and Tori Kelly. Following the life of six different animals with a love of singing, the movie tackles big subjects like heartbreak, family duty, following one’s heart and what it means to be a success.

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Try an Easter Egg Hunt.
It might sound childish, but Easter Egg Hunts can still be fun now. Gather some chocolate eggs and hide them around your friend’s room for a nice surprise. Don’t want to buy candy? Try hiding some encouraging notes in plastic eggs to help your friends, roommate or significant other get through the rest of the semester. Or you could hide clues in plastic eggs that lead to a thoughtful prize. The options are endless!