Celica Cook, Student Writer

Craig Finn spins tales about life, love and loneliness in his latest release, I Need a New War. The songs on this album read like stories. Finn’s instrumentals never hold the spotlight. In this album, it’s all about the lyrics, and the stories they tell.

Finn is known for the way he tends to speak out his songs as if they are not songs at all, but spoken-word poems. Each song reveals a new layer to the story that is Finn’s life. Listening to this album is like opening a memoir, and flipping through the pages of the details of someone’s life.

I Need a New War is the last album of a trilogy Finn has been working on since 2015. As this trilogy comes to an end in smooth waves of guitars, saxophones and keyboards, it is surely not the last time we will hear Finn’s story to the backdrop of some soft melody.

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