Celica Cook, Student Writer

Weyes Blood, also known as Natalie Mering, puts the harsher realities of growing up in a broken world to a soft backdrop of drums and a chorus of angelic voices in her latest release, Titanic Rising.

Just like the title, the album is not all despair. The first song casts a slight shadow as Mering soulfully sings to a younger version of herself telling her to “get off your knees/it’s by time you’ll learn to get by.” The fourth song offers a glimmer of light as Mering introduces us to her spiritual journey, as she asks the universe to give her something to believe in. The song, appropriately titled “Something to Believe” helps to paint the picture that the album title paints: a giant ship, the Titanic, hopelessly sitting at the bottom of the ocean, miraculous rising above the water’s surface as the ship and all on it see the light of day once again.

This album is a journey through Mering’s own developing mind as she reminisces about the simplicity of her childhood, and what has changed since then as a result of growing up. These songs capture the experiences within the valleys of life that ultimately shape the person we become on our way to the mountain top.