Tattoos can be more than just a snapshot of our own individual story—they are an art form that can capture our favorite parts about other people as well. This is true for Rachel Held, who’s tattoos mirror the relationships in her life she cherishes most.

What are your tattoos of?

The tattoo on my forearm is of two Gerber daisies, and the one on my foot is a line from “How He Loves” by Crowder, and the coordinates of where I do missions work in Belize every summer!

What do your tattoos mean?

The flowers I got with my mom! The Gerber daisy is our favorite flower. The coordinates and song lyrics are really meaningful to me because of how much I love the people we serve in San Ignacio. It’s also on my foot to serve as a reminder to be the hands and feet of Jesus. “Love’s like a hurricane” is a line that resonates with our team, especially after being there during an actual hurricane and seeing the tragedy and loss, but also the love, hope and resilience that came along with that.

When did you decide to get a tattoo?

These were actually my 2nd and 4th tattoos. I decided to get a tattoo in general to signify important moments or people in my life.  I wanted to celebrate the relationship I have with my Mom and how much I love and appreciate her. For the lyric and coordinates, that was to honor the people of San Ignacio and celebrate the time my team gets to spend there annually.

What is unique about your tattoos?

The coordinates are unique to a place very special to me and my story. Only a few other people have those coordinates on their bodies! A unique aspect of the flowers is that a friend of mine actually designed the tattoo, so it’s literally one of a kind, except for my mom’s anyway!

What would you say to someone who is going to get their first tattoo?

To someone going to get their first tattoo, I would say to really research artists you’re interested in, and to ask them for their advice. They are artists and professionals and usually know when something won’t look as great on a particular part of your body. On the other hand though, I would also say to make sure you are clear about what you want! Coming from someone who’s pretty passive, don’t be afraid to say you don’t like a part of the design or the placement of the tattoo. It’s much easier to fix during the sketching stage than halfway through!