Celica Cook, Student Writer

To close the semester, we are checking out classic L.A. indie band Local Natives newest release, Violet Street. Local Natives has always been known for the way they capture a single moment, and put it to song. In this album, the band sings about young adulthood, and what it looks like to navigate through the wilderness of living in a world that seems to grow up faster than it’s possible to keep up with.

Most of the album is focused on relationships and the emotions that accompany navigating through the ebb and flow of sharing life with another person. In “When am I Gonna Lose You,” lead singer Taylor Rice sings about his recent marriage, and the depth of emotions that came with navigating his way through sharing life with another person. “Cafe Amarillo” shares a similar theme, with lyrics like “I long for when the sun was in our eyes/One day, forever, the sun in our eyes” that bring to light the ups and downs of being in a relationship.

Even though this album has a more somber story to tell than some of Local Natives’ previous albums, it still holds the band’s classic genial style that almost edges on optimism, making this a good one to listen to in rain or shine.