Celica Cook, Student Writer

Sometimes a tattoo isn’t just a representation of one person. Sometimes, it represents the relationship between two people. Senior film major Emily Beck shares the story about her tattoos, and how they represent both her relationship with her Mom, and the passion she has for dance.

What tattoos do you have?

I have two tattoos. The first one I got is on my back. It’s a butterfly that I originally designed for my mom. She has the same one on her foot with the quote “I’ll love you forever” and mine says, “I’ll like you for always.” My second tattoo is on my foot and says, “To dance is to be free.”

What does your tattoos mean?

My tattoos mean a lot to me. I got my butterfly with my mom and the quotes that go with them are from my favorite book as a child, Love You Forever. Having this tattoo is a constant reminder that my mom always has my back. I have been dancing since I could walk and it has always been an escape for me.

When did you get your first tattoo?

I got my first tattoo when I was 16. I went with my mom, who was also getting her first tattoo and my cousin who currently has a full sleeve. I’m grateful that I was able to get a tattoo when I did and I have plans for more in the future.

How is your tattoo unique to you?

My tattoos are unique to me because I designed the butterfly and the quote on my foot is my own. I think tattoos are one of the most personal forms of expression and regardless of what the tattoo is it holds a personal meaning for that person.