By Maddie Conley, Web Content Manager

Several female students were tubing down the Yellow Breeches yesterday afternoon when they encountered a group of men who began harassing them. The Department of Safety notified campus through mass email and said that safety officers will have extra patrol on the creek this week.

Between three and five p.m. yesterday the students passed a group of middle-aged men kayaking, fishing and drinking alcohol along the breeches, Safety reported. The men started making inappropriate comments and yelling sexual slurs at the women.

The group of students kept tubing until about 30 minutes later when they saw the men following behind them.

“You just have an instinct of when it’s really bad; all three of us had this,” said one of the students that were harassed (the Pulse does not identify by name the victims of harassment).

The women quickly exited the creek and went to a nearby house to call the police. When the police arrived, the men had already left.

The Department of Safety reminded students that the Yellow Breeches are open to the public and although much of the creek is monitored by safety officers, tubing and kayaking excursions can go beyond campus boundaries. They encourage students to never go kayaking or tubing alone.

If you face harassment while along the creek, call 911 immediately. The Department of Safety said to call them soon after at 717-691-6005.


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