By Emma Stratton, Student Writer


Name: Kay Laura Sindabizera
Year: Sophomore
Major: Biomedical Engineering


Why did you pick your major?

It is an area that needs to be developed in my country. I thought I would contribute in that way especially seeing disabled people in my country who are not able to go about their daily activities.  I would like to offer them quality prosthetics. I would also like to work with schools there and influence girls. That is also part of why I picked up this major. Back home, girls are encouraged to pursue a specific major and that engineering is for boys. I wanted to also influence in that way too.


Have other women in your family taken on leadership roles too?

Yes, my mom studied computer science and works in a bank. She is the head of the computer science department. I admire her a lot for working in a predominately male environment.


Where are you from?

Burundi, East Africa


What brought you to Messiah and how has your transition been?

I heard about Messiah through my cousin who went here. It has been a learning experience, definitely! Socially, culturally, getting used to new customs and norms. I also had to learn English which was the biggest challenge for me. My favorite part of being here has been enjoying the diversity and the opportunity to build relationships with friends from other countries.


What is your favorite thing about your home culture?

My culture is more community-based. We value relationships so much. Everyone is always ready to help and give a hand to someone else.


What is a fun fact about you?

I am afraid of dogs. I think it’s because back home dogs are not treated as pets, they more like guards. They aren’t something to necessarily play with.


What is one piece of advice you’d give to someone?

Try to be yourself. It is just easier, you know? You don’t have to fake it and people can appreciate the real you.