Charmaine Lim, SBM Editor-in-Chief

-Updated at 11 a.m. on 9/13/19-

Several break-ins were reported to the Department of Safety between 5 to 10 p.m. on September 11.

According to the email that was sent out the following morning, a handful of unnamed male students found their rooms had been entered without permission. Not only did they find that a number of their belongings had been taken, but they also reported that damage had been caused to their other belongings.

The Department of Safety was able to locate the person/s responsible for the burglaries. They determined that the event was an isolated instance of pranking and there is no continuing threat to the campus. However, they still define entry to a resident’s unlocked room without permission to be a break-in.

In a statement from the Department of Safety, they said, “all students are reminded to lock their room doors when you are not present. Leaving them unlocked allows situations such as this to occur.”

Along with locking your doors, here are some other ways to keep your possessions safe when you are not in the room:

  • Don’t give strangers permission to enter your room
  • Keep your valuables in a safe and/or locked place if you do not plan to bring them with you
  • Keep your windows closed, especially if you’re on the ground level
  • Keep track of easily lost valuables with trackers like Tile trackers or your devices’ Bluetooth GPS trackers

You are encouraged to report any incidents of your own either in-person at the office in the Eisenhower lobby, or over the phone at 717-691-6005.