By Charmaine Lim, SBM Editor-in-Chief


We only have a few more days before Fall Break begins. Whether you’re planning to sleep, catch up with friends, get ahead on homework or go on a service trip, there are always a few things you can do to relax.


Read The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins.

To match the occasionally gloomy weather, pick up this mystery and get ready to be confused. Rachel Watson is trying to keep it together after her divorce. Her career has gone downhill, her drinking is getting out of control and the perfect couple that she watches suddenly falls apart. When a woman disappears, Rachel becomes obsessed with finding out what happened to the person she always thought was perfect.

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Listen to Hush Hush by The Band CAMINO.

Teasing the idea of a secret relationship, The Band CAMINO explores their alternative-indie music style in this fun song. The heavy presence of electric guitar and backing drums can lift your spirits on a gloomy day or get you dancing in the sun. The lyrics detail a relationship from the moment it begins to the fun of keeping it a secret from everyone else. And if you need more convincing to check them out, the band has recently been featured on “Ones to Watch” for their recent album.

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Watch Money Heist.

Turn your subtitles on and get ready to be obsessed with a huge cast of characters. When a money mint gets taken over by a group of organized thieves, no one knows what to do. The thieves take hostages and start putting their plan in motion, while the police outside are desperately trying to uncover their identities. The crime they’ve planned? Printing millions of dollars for themselves. As the investigation goes on, the plan becomes more complicated and the people involved have to decide what lengths they’re willing to go to for money.

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Watch My Name is Khan.
One of the few Bollywood movies that had been highly successful overseas, this movie follows Rizwan Khan, an Indian ma with autism. After moving to America to be closer to his brother, Rizwan unexpectedly finds himself falling in love and making a life for himself. Then, 9/11 happens and everything about his life turns upside down. Discriminated for his beliefs and skin color, Rizwan sets out to prove that he’s not a terrorist and to get his family back.

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Go apple picking.

Jump on the bandwagon, or the truck, before the season ends and go apple picking with some friends. Nearby, Paulus Orchard is the most popular place to go, but there are plenty of other apple orchards that you can visit. Not only does it make for cute photos, but you can also use it as an excuse to make applesauce or apple pie later in the week. But really, we’re all there for a good photo opportunity.