By April Hooper, Student Writer


1:  “Breaking Free” from High School Musical (2006)

This climactic song embodies Troy and Gabriella’s struggle to defy the stereotypes that hold them back. It is the mark of our own childhoods as we followed their love story and hoped to break free just like them. 


2: “What Time is it?” from High School Musical 2 (2007)

This song, all about the excitement of summer finally arriving, carries the nostalgic anticipation of
counting down the minutes until school is out. The feeling that summer is the “time of our lives” fades as we age, so this song is a good reminder of the magic of our youth. 


3: “Play My Music” from Camp Rock (2008)

Not only is this song from a well-loved movie, but it was also sung by the Jonas Brothers before they split. With the announcement of their reunion in early 2019, this double throwback has Joe Jonas helping us remember that all we needed when we were younger was a good song and a dream. 


4: “Introducing Me” from Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam (2010)

With its fast-paced and complicated chorus, this song about a boy introducing himself to a girl was like a dare to try to sing it as fast as possible without messing up. It is reminiscent of awkward first encounters and hopeless crushes that we all experienced in middle school. 


5: “Today is Gonna be a Great Day,” Phineas and Ferb theme song (2007-2015)

No matter what age you are, this theme song brings up memories of finding unique and creative ways to spend your free time during the 104 days of summer vacation, whether that be annoying your siblings or fighting super villains. 


6: “Everything is Not as it Seems,” Wizards of Waverly Place  theme song (2007-2012)

Hearing this song is a fun reminder of how much we wanted to be part of this family of wizards and what we would do if we had magic powers. 


7: “The Best of Both Worlds,” Hannah Montana theme song (2006-2011)

The moment the first note begins, everyone is immediately transported back to their childhood of watching Hannah Montana and her journey as an undercover popstar. You cannot help but sing along to this catchy tune. 


8: “Hoedown Throwdown” from Hannah Montana: The Movie (2009)

This song is associated with hours spent learning and performing the iconic dance that accompanies it and proudly showing off our skills to our friends. This movie also marks the end of the Hannah Montana era where she reveals her identity to the world, carrying a bittersweet feeling. 


9: “Nobody’s Perfect” by Miley Cyrus (2008)

This was every elementary schooler’s anthem and a positive reminder that everyone messes up, but that is okay. With its relatable lyrics, it was a popular feel-good song of the 2000s, but it can still boost your mood, even today. 


10: “What Dreams are Made Of” from The Lizzie McGuire Movie (2003)

As the first of many Disney Channel original movies based off a TV show, Hilary Duff sings about living the dream. Even if you never saw the movie, most people can still sing along to this timeless bop.





This article can be found in print in the October issue of the Swinging Bridge Magazine.