By Emma Stratton, Student Writer


Name: Austin Bright
Year: Senior
Major: Business Administration
Hometown: Barto, PA


Why Business?


I was actually going into music to start, but I wanted something that was more generic that I could apply to different careers. I did not want to be so boxed in. So I choose business, that was at my first school in Nashville Tennessee at Belmont. I ended up not liking it and transitioned into Messiah with business.


What made you pick Messiah?


Yeah, so I was in Nashville. I thought I would like the city… being 12 hours from home I did not like it at all. After one semester I was fed up with it. My brother and childhood best friend were going here at the time. With the combination of both of them here, it persuaded me to check it out. They also had a great business department.


What are you passionate about?


I am really passionate about spending time with people outside in God’s creation. I still play music often and am very interested in that. Business stuff, I love what I am doing with school and everything.


What is your involvement in the Outdoors Club?


I am the president of the Outdoors Club right now. I started working with the club freshman year when I transferred here. I have had a position sophomore, junior, and senior year. I have a great team this year. I love it. I love the trips that we do and the people who are a part of it. It is a great club on Messiah’s campus.


What is the coolest thing you have done outdoors?


Ice climbing in the Adirondacks last winter with Messiah. Following that, my wilderness encounter class in Big Bend National Park. That was life-changing. We did solo which was 36 hours alone in the wilderness. It is a weird experience being completely alone in an environment you have never been in within the backcountry. That never happens around here and we aren’t given that opportunity so to have that was awesome.


What are your post-undergrad plans?


This past summer I had a job at a farm; I think I am going to go back there. I love that kind of work. I also do landscaping as my own business so I will keep pursuing that. With business and entrepreneur, my plans are always changing.


What kind of farm were you working on?


It is owned by Messiah graduates it is called Wild Fox Farm. They run a CSA program where people from the community come and pick up their local vegetables. They are also doing a big hemp project right now too. They are growing hemp for CBD oil so I am actually helping with that which has been really interesting.


Do you have any advice to give to a Messiah student?


Take advantage of all of the opportunities on campus. Sometimes you might think we live in the middle of nowhere, but there is so much to do. We have Harrisburg, all of the clubs on campus, and so much more going on. I would just encourage people to get involved, make friends, enjoy the community.