By Emma Stratton, Student Writer


Name: Courtney Catlin
Year: Senior
Major: Accounting
Hometown: Middleburg, PA


What do you hope to do with your degree?

I am graduating in December. I plan to start studying for the CPA exam in January. It is a four-part exam so I will study for each separate part at a time. I already have a fulltime job at Brown Shultz Sheridan & Fritz and will be working in their tax department.


How do you feel about being a senior?

I am graduating early and have known that since freshman year because of how the Accounting department is designed. I initially did not want to graduate early, but as I am getting closer I am super excited to move onto the next stage of my life. I am a little nervous about the transition, I loved Messiah, but I am ready to move on.


What has been your favorite part of your time at Messiah?

I work in the Agapé Center and that has been amazing […] I had gone on a few service trips my freshman year and volunteered with a weekly outreach program. So I applied for the service trips team at the end of my Freshman year for Sophomore year. I got the position and have been there ever since. This semester marks two and a half years and it has been an amazing experience. I have met so many students that I would have not crossed paths within any other ways. I have an amazing advisor. I was looking for a mentor for my job and life in general. My mentor has been so influential in my life these past few years. I have learned a lot about myself that I don’t know if I would have it wasn’t for her and my job in the Agapé Center.


What is your favorite memory from the Agapé Center?

During my sophomore year, I went on a leadership retreat with another girl on the team and we got close during the week. I formed a casual relationship and I could carry it over into my professional life too. I also have loved growing closer to my mentor, Shardé. On top of these two specific relationships, I have had a lot of other fun memories at the Agapé Center too. We have a Christmas party and random other events. The general events we do are also great.


What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about getting involved at the Agapé Center?

First, I would suggest that they do it! I was just talking to a first-year student who told me that she didn’t love her on-campus job and doesn’t have a reason to continue it, but here at the Agapé Center, I have that reason. I feel like I am actually doing something that means something. It is so lifegiving and I have formed so many relationships outside of my initial friend group. I also come from a very conservative area. The different programs and perspectives I have encountered here have challenged me to rethink and evaluate what I believe and why I believe it. It has reframed how I look at things. I am still on that journey and believe I always will be, but the Agapé Center has opened my eyes to somethings that I did not realize was a belief that I held and not everyone else did. It is a challenging job in a good way, it is not difficult, but it stretches you.


What is one interesting fact about yourself?

I was in Spain for three weeks this past summer for a cross-cultural trip. It was really fun to experience Spanish culture and make new some cool friendships.