By Emma Stratton, Student Writer


Name: Jacob Miaczynski
Major: Communication (French Minor)
Year: Senior
Hometown: Erie, PA


How has your Messiah College experience been?


It has been really good so far. It has had its stages though… in Freshman year I was a little wild. I felt like it was college and I could be free so I did a lot of bad things. Coming into Sophomore year, I was really low. I think everyone kind of has that sophomore slump, I would hope it wasn’t just me. Then Junior year a lot of things changed… Senior year has been a celebration of what God has done throughout the four years.


What are you passionate about?


I am passionate about people. I love engaging with stories. I love telling stories. I used to do acting in high school. Becoming someone else and telling a story was really powerful for me. To put on someone else’s life and tell that story was important to me. If I could do that for the rest of my life or career, that would be great.


What is your favorite thing about being an RA?


The opportunity to engage with people and to be with them during the hard times as well as the good times. One of my guys just ran a half marathon yesterday. I was able to be there to celebrate that. Finding out what they like and where we are similar too. One of my guys is really, really into coffee, but not just an “oh, I like coffee.” No, he knows how to make it with a Chemex, he weighs the beans, he grinds the beans. Being able to enjoy what he enjoys and giving him the space to show off what he does is really cool. I love the personal connection.


How have you grown the most throughout your college career?


It goes a lot deeper than anything I could say during an interview, but I think I have grown deep into identity. I’ve grown into knowing who God is and who I am at the same time. Growing deeper into who He says I am, not what the world says I am. Growing up, I wrestled with a lot of bullying and listened to a lot of other people’s opinions of me. Instead of hearing what God was saying, He was thrown on the back burner a bit. So yeah, just turning the tide and listening to what He has to say about me.


What is one thing you are looking forward to about leaving Messiah?


I am ready for the simplicity of adult life. Especially single adult life, I am not really a shoe in for a relationship right now. Going to work in the morning, coming home at night, making my own meals, spending time with the Lord, hanging out with a meaningful group of friends, getting involved with a church. Living simply, there is value in only having a few things and cherishing them. I am really excited. It is sad to leave here, but everything has a season and a time. Messiah has been really good to me.


Do you have a dream job?


I have a lot of dream jobs. Honestly, to be on Broadway, but I don’t have the caliber for that. I would also love to work for a marketing company in New York that markets the shows. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes and the acting. I would love to be in that environment. Another dream would be to work for Hillsong, Upperroom, Bethel, or some church that has a global impact. That would allow me to travel all over the world with a Christ center.


What is one random fact about yourself?


I want to be a bus driver. My kindergarten daydream, when the teacher would ask us what we wanted to be when we grew up, I wanted to be a bus driver. I still want to be a bus driver. If everything else fails coming out of college, I will take a gap year and just be a bus driver. I used to drive around toy buses as a child. Just the idea of a 22-year-old bus driver.