By Connor Cigrang, Student Writer


Having a bike on campus can be a hassle. You have a convenient ride to and from class, but you have to deal with finding places to keep it and maintaining it.

Starting this semester, the Office of Sustainability is partnering with the Spoke N True Bike Club to start Messiah Bikeshare. This is a new low-cost program that allows students to rent bikes without having to deal with maintenance.

“Scooters, bikeshare, and carshare are all growing at a fast pace, so we thought it was time for Messiah to get in on the shared economy and offer bikes as a shared resource,” Director of Sustainability Brandon Hoover said.

This service is designed to give students without bikes access to one without having to purchase their own. The entire process is completed on campus and does not force students to go elsewhere.

Students interested in renting a bike, need to access the Bicycle Rental Contract, either through the Office of Sustainability or on Messiah’s website. Completed contracts can either be submitted digitally or brought to the Sustainability Office. The cost is $15 per semester and includes a universal fit bike with a lock.

Bikeshare contracts last for the entire semester. One bike can be rented for the whole semester, or bikes can be checked out on an as-needed basis. They can be used on campus and off-campus as well.

“There is not a limit on the number of times a student can rent a bike per semester,” said Joe Grant, a member of the Spoke N True Bike Club.

Once finished with a bike, students are asked to lock it in the bike rack in front of Eisenhower and notify the Office of Sustainability.

Through the Bikeshare program, students have a new way to get to their dorm, class or even off-campus.

“We don’t need to drive everywhere,” Hoover said. “Some people think we have a parking problem on campus, but if you had a bike, your parking problem would be solved.”


Students interested in renting a bike this semester can contact the Office of Sustainability at For more information, visit