By Celica Cook, SBM Student Life Editor


Sophomore psychology major Camryn Sopko has a story to tell, as we all do. Ask her about her tattoo, and she’ll tell you about the symbol that represents the eating disorder she had in high school. She sat down with me to share a bit about what her tattoo represents.

Tell me about your tattoo. What is it exactly?

“So, my tattoo spells ‘enough’ and the ‘o’ is supposed to be the eating disorder awareness symbol. It’s in honor of the eating disorder that I had in high school. I struggled with anorexia and bulimia.”


What was it like to struggle from an eating disorder?

“It’s not like it’s blurry, but it feels like it’s been so long, but really, it wasn’t that long ago. I still struggle with it today, so it’s not completely over with, but I feel like I just kind of reached a point—well, I’d had enough. Life is so much more than your appearance, and it’s so easy to just say that and move on, but some people struggle with it more than others. [For me], it definitely wasn’t the media other people. It was internal, 100 percent. I feel like finding ways to love yourself, and showing self-love is important.”


When did you get your tattoo done?

“February 14 of this past year.”


Did it hurt?

“Surprisingly, no. It was an irritating pain, but it didn’t last that long. I would totally get another one.”


When did you first decide you wanted to get a tattoo? Was it something you had been considering for a long time?

“Definitely for a while. I went to the one [shop] at the Galleria mall, and I just kind of walked in, and they were like, ‘Well it looks like we have an open spot.’ It was kind of a spontaneous decision.”