By Celica Cook, SBM Student Life Editor


Have you ever listened to The Arctic Monkeys? Or maybe The Libertines, or The Wombats? These are a few indie rock artists that have already made a name for themselves in the music industry, and after listening to Diamond Shake’s From Method to Madness, you might be able to add another name to that list. The indie-rock ballads on this track are as beautiful as they are open, intense and honest. The album is all about artist Matt Hitchens and the mental health issues he faced over a long period of time. He is also the leader and the only member of his one-man-band known as Diamond Shake. In this age of anxiety, where mental health problems seem to be commonplace, this album is very relatable for those who have, and who are struggling with the same issues.

Hitchens wrote, performed, recorded and edited all of the tracks on this album. Every single piece of the music is from the mind and soul of Hitchens himself. Each song paints a picture of mental health as if you could physically see the war in his mind. It is a refreshing image that allows the listener to see mental health in a different way- perhaps drawing comfort in the way he expresses his feelings. It helps one to not feel so alone. Poetry tends to say what we can’t always put into words. It seems Hitchens has mastered the art of putting words to obscure and complicated feelings.

Hitchens drew his inspiration for this album from Pink Floyd’s final show at the Desert Trip festival in California in 2016. While his compositions are not exactly what you would call similar to Pink Floyd, the honesty in the lyrics, raw vulnerability and balance of the prose is very Roger Waters-esk. If you are looking for an album that speaks openly and honestly about the deep struggles of mental health, or maybe just looking for a really good indie rock album, this is a great one to listen to.


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