By Celica Cook, SBM Student Life Editor


“Oncle Jazz” by the Canadian indie-pop band Men I Trust is what we have spinning this week. This an electric-pop indie album you might want to plug into your headphones while you get to studying, or maybe when you are looking for something chill to listen to in your spare time. This album is full of cool, electro-pop sounds that are sure to help you wind down during this last busy week of the semester.

If you are setting time aside to give this one a listen, you might want to set aside an hour or two. At 24 tracks, this record is a long one. The length of it adds to the fun of listening though. The wall of electric sound never seems to end.

Electronic instrumentals give way to the soft picking of guitar and bass in “Found Me” and “Say You Can Hear.” It’s easy to get lost in the soft swirl of electronic sounds. The easy, precise picking of the guitar brings you back to the music swiftly and gently. “Oncle Jazz” sweeps you up and takes you on a journey through different electric-pop soundscapes, then drops you again into the less obscure, more precise melodies of the simple electric bass and guitars.

This album is a great one to listen to if you are looking for some variety. Some of the songs on “Oncle Jazz” are on the somber side. Others are very upbeat, with a funky twist. Altogether, this album doesn’t follow a strict agenda. It is what is, and the easiest way to enjoy it is to sit back, listen and let the sounds wash over you.


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