By Celica Cook, SBM Student Life Editor


Victoria Sparrow, junior biopsychology major has two tattoos that mark her worldly travels. One also serves as a reminder of her grandfather, who passed away while she was away on a trip. Both tattoos are important reminders of the people and places that give meaning to her life. This is what she has to say about her tattoos.


What tattoos do you have?

“I have two tattoos. One is a crown on my ankle, and the other one is an olive branch on my inner arm.”


What do your tattoos mean?

“ I got my first tattoo, which was the crown, when I was in Thailand. I spent time on the mission field in Cambodia and Thailand before I decided to come to college. My grandfather passed away while I was in Cambodia and I had no way to come home for his funeral. My family is really close, and it was quite hard for me to deal with. In my own sort of way, getting this tattoo was a way of processing the loss. My grandfather called me Queenie, so I got the crown of a queen to commemorate that. The second one I have I got when I was in Greece this summer. I choose an olive branch because of the symbolism it has throughout the Bible. I wanted to have it as a reminder of the peace I have in my life because of my relationship with God.”



What is unique about your tattoo?


“I think it’s unique that I have gotten both of my tattoos while traveling.”


Do you have plans to get anymore?


“I don’t have any explicit plans but I would gladly get more. I am traveling this summer and could see myself getting another tattoo then if I get inspiration for it. Both of the tattoos that I have kind of came to me without much previous planning, so I think any future tattoos would probably be the same way.”


What would your advice be to someone who is thinking of getting their first tattoo?

“I’m not sure if I have advice to give. I love both of my tattoos so much, and I wouldn’t change anything about them. So, I guess just knowing that this is something you will have forever and being happy with whatever you decide you would like is important.”