By Celica Cook, SBM Student Life Editor

Madison Harlow is a Senior art major with some art on her skin that tells different stories about who she is. Each of her 11 tattoos are a sneak peak into her personality, and the things in life that mean the most to her. Here is the story behind a few of her tattoos.

Madison Harlowe featuring It's a wonderful life tattoo on thigh

Madison Harlowe, featuring It’s a Wonderful Life tattoo

So, what tattoos do you have?

“I have eleven. To name a couple, I have a hummingbird on my arm. I got that a year after my grandmother passed away. She liked hummingbirds. That was my first one. I also got my youth pastor’s handwriting that she wrote on my birthday card on my 18th birthday. I got it done the day after I turned 18. It says ‘My Beloved’. My most recent one is George and Mary from ‘It’s a Wonderful Life.’ I got that on on my leg. It’s my all time favorite movie, and we watch it every Christmas. I wanted to get a tattoo on Christmas, so I got that one for Christmas. I’m very happy with it. I also have my brother and sisters initials on my ankle, and a key that I got on Friday the 13th.”


What is the significance behind getting ‘My Beloved’ in your youth pastor’s handwriting?

“She’s basically my best friend. She’s a second Mom to me, and when they decided to name my youth group they named it ‘Beloved Youth’ and I’ve always loved that. She just happened to write that on my card when I turned 18, so I went and got it tattooed the next day.”


When did you decide you wanted to get tattoos?

“I think I’ve always wanted to get tattoos, but I wasn’t allowed to get tattoos until I was 16 or 17. My parents said I had to get straight A’s in order to get my first tattoo, and I did.”


Are you planning on getting any more?

“I’ve slowed down. When I first turned 18 I was getting one every month just because they are addicting. For the past year I’ve kind of stopped. When I got one on Christmas it was to treat myself, and it was important to me. I don’t see myself getting tattooed anymore unless they are something that means something to me.”


Which tattoo is your favorite?

“I would have to say my ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ one right now just because it’s my newest one.”


What would your advice be to someone thinking of getting their first tattoo?

“Know what you want before you get it, and really think about it.”