By Celica Cook, SBM Student Life Editor

Indie music fans, gather around your radio device for this weeks album, “Darkest Light” by Shana Falana. Falana has been putting down original indie tracks since her debut album in 2012. We are spinning her latest album this week. With dreamlike vocals, and powerful indie rock ballads, this is an album for all indie music lovers.


The music of the album is simple, and direct. The title song, “Darkest Light” is as dark as the title looks. Falana’s voice seems to grow more intense with the opening lyrics of the songs. The drums sound heavy in the background, and the guitars tear through the music like a knife. The cymbals crash through the chorus, giving off an almost angry sound. Falana does this masterfully. Her voice is steady and constant amidst the loud instruments. She doesn’t let anything overpower the sound of her voice.


“Darkest Light” is a powerful example of a good indie album. Falana creates a mystical world of her own within the melodies of her music. Not only is it fun to listen to, it’s mysterious. The music pulls you in, and keeps you there, wondering where it might lead you next.

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