By Celica Cook, SBM Student Life Editor

Alternative pop-star Caroline Rose put out her latest album “Superstar” this month, and after
listening to it, you might just want to listen to it again- and again. Not only does Rose have lyrics
that tell a fascinating story, her music is also layered with diverse synthesizing rhythms.

The overtones of “SuperStar” are very Michael Jackson-esque, with glittery pop melodies that
stick out over the courses of each song. Rose’s music is fun, upbeat and quirky in the best of
ways. She is bold in her sound, and her message is powerful, but delivered in such a way that
you don’t feel the intensity of her subject matter until later on in the album- and that is why you
have to listen to it all over again in order to really get the full picture.

“Superstar” follows the storyline of an artist on her way to stardom. The opening track, “Nothing
is Impossible” sets the scene, as she receives a phone call telling her to follow her dreams. She
continues on her journey as she meanders her way through life as an up and coming music
sensation, and navigates the rough parts along the way.

The album is a self-reflection of Rose’s own musical journey. “Superstar” is a fun filled fictional
retelling of Rose’s own journey as a musician trying to make it. It’s full of good humor, upbeat
electronic melodies, and feminine strength. I would definitely recommend checking it out.

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