By Charmaine Lim, SBM Editor-in-Chief

An unknown man entered the Men’s Restoration House, otherwise known as Melhorn, at 10:50am today.

An unlocked door was his entry point and he was heard walking around the house before being noticed by a student. The man, reported to be wearing jeans and a blue/grey sweater was approximately middle-aged and around 5’4 in height. He has a stocky build and short brown hair.

The student was in his second-floor bedroom when he noticed the man standing in his doorway. Once the man realized he had been noticed, he fled the house and drove off-campus in a gray Toyota Tacoma that had out-of-state plates.

The Department of Safety has confirmed that the entry was unauthorized and that the man is not part of Messiah personnel. The police have been contacted to investigate the matter, and anyone with information about this incident can call Campus Safety at 717-691-6005.

Students should be conscious to keep their doors locked, even if they live in a dorm or apartment. Card access does not guarantee privacy and safety, and students should never leave valuable belongings in empty, unlocked rooms.

Windows should remain closed at all times, especially on the basement and first floors, as it is another easy point of entry.

Students should also be aware of letting strangers into buildings. If someone doesn’t have a Messiah ID, it’s safer not to let them into a building or onto a floor. If they claim to be meeting someone, have them call their friend or contact to meet them instead.

For anyone who wishes to make report of suspicious people(s) or have information regarding the suspicious individual at Melhorn is encouraged to call the Department of Safety.