By Celica Cook, SBM Student Life Editor

“Anne of Green Gables” is a timeless classic that readers have come to know and love over generations. The tale of the spunky red-headed girl who captures the heart of everyone she meets came to life again this past weekend on the Miller Theater stage in the Theater Department’s performance of  this well loved story, “Anne of Green Gables.”

Anne Shirley, played by first year musical theater Aria Walker stole the show with her spirited energy, sweet nature, and quirky personality. Walker seemed to embrace her character perfectly, with all of the spunk and fire that fans would have expected from Anne Shirley.

The scene is set at the train station. The red-headed orphan girl, Anne is picked up at the train station by her adoptive father, Matthew Cuthbert, played by senior musical theater Micah Crandall.

Anne’s dress is too small; her apron is tight fitting. She resembles a girl who hasn’t seen a new dress in a long time. Her hair is in pig-tails, and the audience is introduced to young Anne Shirley. Soon, the audience would watch her grow up, and capture the hearts of all those she meets.

When Anne and Matthew arrive at Green Gables, Anne’s adoptive mother, Marilla Cuthbert, played by senior musical theater major, Katie Phykitt, arrives at the scene, and she is not impressed with the little red-headed girl. Soon, Anne’s upbeat personality would capture the heart of cold Marilla. Anne would soon find companionship in her “bosom friend,” Diana Barry, played by junior musical theater major, Rachel Rochet. She even stumbles her way into love, as she grows fond of young Gilbert Blythe, played by sophomore musical theater major Jim Hy.

The set is sweet and simple- much like this classic story. Green Gables is as quaint and pleasant as you might have imagined it would be. The characters are just as fun and full of personality as they are in the novels.

“Anne of Green Gables,” directed by Ed Cohn, will be showing again this weekend in Miller theater on Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m., and on Sunday at 3 p.m. Go to the ticket office to purchase tickets, or purchase online at


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