By: Charmaine Lim, SBM Editor-in-Chief

It’s the unfortunate time of year when we have to turn our clocks back by a whole hour. That’s right, Daylight Savings begins this Sunday and we’re losing an hour. But have no fear, we’ve got some stuff to try to make up for losing an hour of sleep.


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Read This One Summer by Mariko Tamaki & illustrated by Jillian Tamaki.

Rose and her family spend their summers at the lake where Windy’s family lives, and the girls have been friends since childhood. They’ve always loved spending time together, but this summer is different. Rose’s parents have been fighting constantly, and Rose and Windy’s friendship is changing as they grow up. When one person can’t wait to be an adult and the other wants to remain a child, how does it change the meaning of getting older?





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Listen to Like You Love Me by Tauren Wells.

This peppy song is exactly what we all need as the weather tries to decide what it wants to do. Wells writes this song as a reminder to everyone, even himself, that no matter how bad things seem to get, there is a God who loves us unconditionally. In remembering His love for us, we push away the learned trait of worrying about things out of our control.




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Watch I Am Not Okay With This.

If you’re going through mild withdrawals from Stranger Things, this might just be the show for you. Sydney is a 17-year old girl who has lost her father and doesn’t have the best relationship with her mother. She also has anger issues. What she doesn’t know she has is superpowers. As it becomes harder and harder to hide her powers, Sydney has to learn how to grow up when she has the ability to destroy everything around her.




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Watch Toy Story 4.
Going along with an unintentional theme of growing up, Toy Story 4 follows the toys and their new kid, Bonnie. When a summer adventure becomes a quest to return home, Woody and a new toy, Forky, have to re-learn the life of a toy and how important they are for children.





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Go to bed earlier.

It sounds like common sense, but going to bed early on a regular basis is a good habit to have during college. Getting seven to nine hours of sleep is highly recommended to reduce stress levels, as it allows your body to reset for the next day. Even though it’s hard to do that, choosing to get more sleep is a great way to challenge your time management. And since we’re losing an hour this weekend, use it as an excuse to go to bed early anyways.