By Celica Cook, SBM Student Life Editor

Kristjan Eastman’s 2019 release, “Sigurlin” is a poetic, deeply personal account of a man who’s lost in love and left heartbroken. Sometimes it feels good to listen to a sad song. Sad songs often reassure us that being human is ok, and sorrow comes with the human package. What better way to express sad emotions than to put them into a beautiful song?

“Sigurlin” is an Icelandic name. Perhaps it is the name of a girl the album is written about. This would make sense, as the artist himself comes from Iceland, but he doesn’t make it clear who this girl is in the songs on the album. Even the art of the album cover is hard to disguise. It is the figure of a girl, but her face is distorted and blurred out- almost as if she is fading away.

Eastman’s sound is reminiscent of the 1960’s psych-folk band, The Velvet Underground. The electric guitar heavy melodies paired with the wave like background sounds gives this album a very retro vibe. It’s a refreshing throwback, and a good example of how the great bands of previous generations still have a place in today’s music.

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