By Charmaine Lim

Earth Day may have just passed, but there’s plenty that we can do to keep celebrating the beautiful planet we live on.


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Read The World Without Us by Alan Weisman.

As we’ve been stuck inside, the natural world has changed around us. From clearer waters to animals coming back to old habitats, we can’t deny that there’s some magic to how nature heals itself when we don’t interfere. This book explores a thought experiment of what Earth could be like if society crumbled entirely and humans were no longer around. What would the world have been like if we never polluted it?






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Listen to Beautiful Things by Gungor.

A classic Christian song, the band reminds us of how humanity started – from dust. Growing into something stronger, more beautiful than what we came from, this song is a celebration and reminder that beauty can come from unlikely places. It’s also a comfort in times when we’re uncertain about the future and feel like everything we knew is broken.




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Watch Unlikely Animal Friends.

It’s one thing to see two dogs playing as friends, it’s another to see animals of entirely different species hanging out together. A rhino whose best friend is a sheep? A Chihuahua who hangs out with a chicken? These friendships are examples of the harmony animals once experienced in the Garden of Eden.




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Watch Penguins.

Steve, an Adelie penguin, is returning home for the first time to look for a mate. In the harsh climate of Antarctica, even penguins can have a little bit of trouble finding love and raising a family. After all, parenthood is kind of hard when you’re only two feet tall and everything around you is ice.




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Sew a mask.

Among the many things we can do to protect the world right now, sewing masks for our healthcare workers is a small gesture of gratitude for the people who put their lives on the line every day. It’s not as fancy as a N95 mask, but even the smallest bit of protection is helpful. The more we do our part, the sooner we can re-enter the world we once took for granted.