By Charmaine Lim, SBM Editor-in-Chief

Most of us have been social distancing and self-quarantining for a few hard weeks. If you haven’t already returned to some old favorites, here are some suggestions that might become new favorites.

Young Jane Young book cover

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Read Young Jane Young.

Told from multiple perspectives, this story follows Jane Young, a woman who made a bad decision in her early twenties. Innocent and driven in the world of politics, Jane found herself in an affair with a congressman twice her age. When the media finds out, Jane’s reputation spirals while the congressman continues his career. Now, Jane lives a different life with her daughter and a past she’s not quite ready to face again. Thoughtful and well-written, this book explores what it’s like to be the woman in a scandal and the cruel double standard that exists.




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Listen to The Book of You & I by Alec Benjamin.

After rising to fame in 2019, Alec Benjamin quickly became known for his story-like lyrics and personal experiences. With light guitar picking and piano chords, this song explores a breakup where one person is still holding on to the story of what could have been. The honesty and emotion of Benjamin’s voice might make you feel emotional, but there’s nothing like a good cry to help you work through some of the frustrations you might be feeling lately.




Locke and Key art

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Watch Locke and Key.

Adapted from a series of graphic novels by Joe Hill, this series focuses on three siblings who move into a strange house. When one of them finds a key that leads to a different world, they discover that traveling from one place to another isn’t always as whimsical as you might imagine. With the doors open, the siblings have to protect their home and each other from a dark force trying to break through from a different world.



Cars 3 poster

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Watch Cars 3.

You’ve probably seen the first movie years ago, but the end to this trilogy speaks perfectly to a time of transition that we’re all experiencing now. Lightning McQueen, once a young champion racer, now finds himself being edged out by younger, more advanced competition. Determined to prove that he still has what it takes to win, he begins a journey to rediscover what racing is all about.





Mother and Daughter in a blanket fort

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Build a blanket fort.

It’s time to break out the pillows and blankets to make the best fort of your life. Gather up some furniture and test your creativity to make the biggest, most comfortable fort possible. Whether or not they want to admit it, your parents are probably still willing to help you put it all together. Once you’re done, use it as a homework spot or a place to chill after classes. Bonus points if you have a secret password before letting your family members in.