By Charmaine Lim, SBM Editor-in-Chief

Another week inside, another week of trying to not to get sucked into how different our world is now. On the literal bright side, the weather has been warming up and the sun has decided to make regular appearances. As you stare longingly at the outdoor activities you want to do, here are some things to take your mind off it.

The Feather Thief book cover

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Read The Feather Thief by Kirk Wallace Johnson.

Unlike most other true crime books, this has nothing to do with murder or violence. It’s about someone stealing rare birds that were worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. That’s right. Rare birds. Journalist Kirk Wallace Johnson finds himself consumed by the strangeness of the theft, wondering if the culprit ever saw justice. As he tries to make sense of the crime, Johnson begins a years-long investigation into exotic birds and thieves who disappear without a trace.




Shut up album cover

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Listen to Shut Up by Greyson Chance.

Oh yes, Greyson Chance is still making music. No longer the adorable preteen posting covers and music videos on YouTube, Chance has released several EPs and albums on streaming services. Shut Up, his number two song on Spotify currently, shows how much he’s grown as an artist and person. An echo-y chorus and clever use of a drum snare make for a chill homework feeling and will probably have you humming to yourself throughout the day.


The Mandalorian poster art

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Watch The Mandalorian.

Combining outer space with Western dramas, The Mandalorian follows a bounty hunter on his adventures. As he travels across different planets, the Mandalorian fulfills his duty as a bounty hunter with freedom after the fall of the Empire and before the First Order rises. Also, baby Yoda is a regular character on the show, and who can resist him?



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Watch Your Name.

Mitsuha Miyamizu is a high school girl living in the countryside of Japan. One day, she wakes up and finds herself in the body of Taki Tachibana, a high school boy in Tokyo. Confused and trying to navigate the random body swaps, Mitsuha and Taki find themselves developing an unexpected bond of friendship. When Taki decides it’s time for them to meet, he discovers more questions than answers.





Sneakered feet on a walking trail.

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Go for a walk (while social distancing).

Grab a family member or meet up with a friend for a walk. As long as you stay six feet apart, make the most of the nice weather and gentle breezes. It’s a good way to get a change of scenery while being safe. Even if you don’t feel like it, the light exercise is good for your health. It’s also a welcome change from staring at the same walls and Netflix binges.